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Kanji ウサチャ
Rōmaji Usacha
Physical and Vital Information
Species Rabbit
Gender Female
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Pale Pink
Professional Statistics
Occupation Mascot/Manager
Affiliation TRiANGLE
Personal Status
Relatives Usagi (Older Brother)
Anime Episode 49 - That's My Little Sister
Voice Actors
Japanese Sumire Morohoshi

Usacha (ウサチャ) (Birthname: Wendy Cottontail La Pyonquiche Sappho Beatrix Charming Je T'aime) started out as a student and manager-in-training. In season 3, she becomes the manager of the idol unit, NonSugar.


Usacha takes the appearance of a small, pink baby bunny with little ears, yellow wings, and large, sparkly eyes. She has a little heart-shaped bow-like accessory, and two bows on the back of her ears. Like her brother, she has the argyle patterns on her ears and bow, but instead of the lines crossing through diamonds, they cross through hearts. She is noted for being very cute and according to Dorothy, she looks nothing like Usagi.


Usacha is as ambitious and cunning as her first idol, Non. She is very inquisitive, gathering as much information as possible before proceeding with any action, having everything be in service of her goal to overthrow her seniors. Once idolizing her brother, she now sees him as an obstacle to overcome and defeat. She is very opportunistic with a great intuition, clearly seeing when success presents itself and the correct course of action. Above all of her skills, her best quality is her devotion to her goals and idols, willing to do anything to succeed. Much like her brother, she is very successful, managing a talented idol early in her career. She is currently the most successful manager in Parajuku.



Her older brother whom she loves and idolizes.

Non Manaka/TRiANGLE

The first idol/idol group she managed.


The idol unit she manages.


Usacha (ウサチャ) - Usa (ウサ) is a cutesy shortened version of the term "Usagi", which means rabbit. Cha (チャ) has no known meaning, but the character chi (チ) may refer to something small.


  • Possibly a result of her young age, in addition to it being her verbal tic, Usacha tends to use "cha" in place of certain word endings like saying "Hajimemacha" (はじめまチャ) instead of "Hajimemashite" (はじめまして lit. It's nice to meet you).
  • She shares the same voice actress with Ichigo Hoshimiya from Aikatsu, Tsubasa Kisaragi from Aikatsu Stars, and Coco from Aikatsu Friends.

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