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Welcome to the Pretty Series Wiki, dedicated to Takara Tomy and syn-sophia's game, toy and anime series franchise.

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since its creation on December 14, 2020


“PriMagi” is a form of entertainment created by singing, dancing and fashion! There's a secret to this magical, sparkling stage! Yes, seriously, it really is "magic"!

The main character, Hibino Matsuri, is a first year junior high school student who yearns to do "PriMagi". One day, she is scouted to join "PriMagi" by the wizard "Miyam", who suddenly appears!!

The two of them work together to be at the top of "PriMagi", so they don't lose to their rivals!

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Pretty All Friends Selection (Sundays at 10am)
Welcome to Pri☆Chan Land! Live (August 22)
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