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Welcome to the All Pretty Series Wiki!
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Hina Performs in Her Elemental Coord

With this performance comes a Heavens Transformation!

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Waccha Primagi!'s Appeal System


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Waccha Primagi!'s Latest Opening


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Waccha Primagi!'s Latest Ending

Check One Two

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This wiki was created on May 8th, 2021.

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Album Releases
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Release Date: July 20, 2022
01. Nijimu Kaoru -Blurred and scented-
02. Don't be Afraid
03. Raining Miracles
04. Check One Two
05. Nijimu Kaoru -Blurred and scented- -inst.-
06. Don't be Afraid -inst.-
07. Raining Miracles -inst.-
08. Check One Two -inst.-
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MagicxColor Anime CD.png
Release Date: August 17, 2022
01. Magic×Color
02. Aijou Hyougen Hou
03. Magic×Color -Instrumental-
04. Aijou Hyougen Hou -Instrumental-
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Waccha Primagi! Characters
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Matsuri Icon.png
Matsuri Hibino (陽比野 まつり)
Matsuri Profile.png
Myamu Icon.png
Myamu (みゃむ)
Myamu Profile.png
Hina Icon.png
Hina Yayoi (弥生ひな)
Hina Profile.png
Lemon Icon.png
Lemon Kokoa (心愛れもん)
Lemon Profile.png
Amane Icon.png
Amane Sumeragi (皇あまね)
Amane Profile.png
Miruki Icon.png
Miruki Amauri (甘瓜みるき)
Miruki Profile.png
Auru Icon.png
Auru Omega (御芽河あうる)
Auru Profile.png
Jennifer 2 Icon.png
Jennifer Sumire Sol (ジェニファー・純恋・ソル)
Jennifer Profile.png
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Waccha Primagi! Synopsis
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is entertainment created through song, dance, and fashion!
There is a secret to the magical, sparkling stage.
Yes, it was truly indeed "magic"!

The main protagonist, Matsuri Hibino, is a first-year junior high school student
who longs for "Primagi".
Matsuri loves "Primagi" and dreams of one day being able to star in "Primagi!".
That day arrives when "Myamu" suddenly appears and scouts her out to join "Primagi"!!
Together, the two compete with rivals to rise to the top of Primagi!

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Waccha Primagi! Episodes
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Latest Episode
The latest episode is I Want to Win! Let This Magic Reach.
The episode aired on August 14, 2022.

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Next Episode
The upcoming episode is Milky Dream♡Enjoy! (Bows).
The episode is set to air on August 21, 2022.

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Featured Page(s)
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Our featured page is Jennifer Sumire Sol!
After Jennifer sees how Matsuri and Myamu have fun together, she decides to enter in the Grand Festival. After realising that all told to her by Achihiko was a lie, she combines with the Sunshine Elemental, Apollon, and disappears, taking all coords that inside the coord books belonging to the Primagistas. In episode 40 the Liberty Sunshine coord and Lux Aeterna song made their debut.
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Featured Coord(s)
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Our featured coord is We Have the Best 3150 Vibes!
The coord We Have the Best 3150 Vibes is from the brand LOVELY MELODY.
It first appeared in Matsuri's performance in Is Primagi Gone for Good!?.

More information about this coord and many more
can be found in the official site of Waccha Primagi! Game.

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Happy Pri Birthday & Happy Pri Selection
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The official Pretty Series Twitter has posted for the August 2022 Happy Pri Birthdays and Happy Pri Selection!
Happy Pri Birthday(s): Matsuri Hibino, Myamu, Melpan, Fuwari Midorikaze, and Yui Yumekawa.
Happy Pri Selection: Solulu and Luluna!

Merchandise is always sold with the release of Happy Pri Birthdays and Selections
and can be found on the Groove Garage Pretty Series Store.